The book lesbians have been waiting for!

Your guide to finding the right partner, being the right partner, and creating the relationship of your dreams. 

W. Golden

"This book is changing everything for me!"

My theory is this: If you want to master something find people to emulate who have already mastered it. Michelle and Ruth clearly have an amazing relationship... I want what they have, and thanks to reading their incredible book I finally believe I can do it! I don't know of another successful lesbian couple who is offering this kind of wisdom or insight. I'm still reading the book, I plan to refer back to it whenever I need it. But I'm already enjoying some much needed inner peace from reading the book and employing some of the strategies... Their advice is straightforward, easy to read and easy to implement. Whenever I run into a friend who's struggling with a relationship, I'm going to gift them this book.

"A great read - full of helpful knowledge and tips."

This is the book I was desperately looking for a few years ago after getting back into dating... As someone who wants to take responsibility for myself and learn from past relationships, Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love is a very grounding tool to help.  This is a great read - full of helpful, realistic knowledge and tips for what to do with that information. Somehow the authors have managed to break down some very intricate facts about human relationships into a format that I could understand and then begin to see how to apply. There are stories told throughout, which helps drive the points home, as examples are so useful. I love that this book is a beautiful integration of mindfulness, spirituality, and application of research on relationships and communication. 

Kim K. Baker

"Helped me unlock the dating patterns I was stuck in!"

"Reading this book was an eye opening experience...Ruth and Michelle have created a user friendly step-by-step guide to navigating the oftentimes confusing and painful road to love...Through a marriage of evidence-based psychology, personal experience, and humor the authors shine a light on the many ways we as lesbians come together in relationship. Learning about the concept of 'PAP' and 'PEP' known as Primal Abandonment Panic and Primal Engulfment Panic, helped me unlock the dating patterns I was stuck in for years. I am looking forward to continuing to apply the methods laid out in this book, the first of its kind designed specifically for the lesbian community.

About the Authors of Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love

Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Michelle Murrain, Ph.D. are the co-founders of Conscious Girlfriend, and have extensive backgrounds in Neuroscience, Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhist practice and transformational spirituality. They wrote this book to help lesbians and queer women find the most effective, pain-free path to happy, healthy love.