Building Intimacy

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How to Repair Broken Trust

Recently, I had a major episode of broken trust that I want to share with you… and offer some lessons from. I was traveling in Bali, because Michelle was going to see old friends in western Massachusetts, so I took off for warmer, tropical climes, which are not really Michelle’s cup of tea. So this trust-breaking happened with my traveling …

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What is Disrespect, Really?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I read or hear something about a lesbian couple, and one of them “feels disrespected.” And spectators of a couple’s troubles are amazingly fast to suggest that some behavior or another is “disrespectful.” Now, what are the parameters of disrespect? What does that mean, exactly? Of …

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Dancing with different desires

A few months ago we were teaching a workshop in San Francisco. I (Ruth) dropped Michelle off with all our supplies, and then went in search of a parking place – not an easy thing to find in that city! I circled around for about 10 minutes, and several times watched people directly in front of …

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False Assumptions About Jealousy

I (Michelle) sometimes post responses on the She Meets Her Facebook page, which is a dating site for black women. What I find so fascinating about the updates some women post is that they are so often questions that have to do with a particular underlying assumption about lesbian relationships, including when it comes to jealousy. …

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