Conscious Marriage

broken trust bali road

How to Repair Broken Trust

Recently, I had a major episode of broken trust that I want to share with you… and offer some lessons from. I was traveling in Bali, because Michelle was going to see old friends in western Massachusetts, so I took off for warmer, tropical climes, which are not really Michelle’s cup of tea. So this trust-breaking happened with my traveling …

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Rainbow hearts what is love

So What IS Love, Anyway?

Recently, one of the single women in our Roadmap class told us, “My wife left me after many years of marriage, saying she hadn’t loved me after the first few years. Yet for all those years, she told me she loved me every day. Now I’m confused about what love is. Can you define it?” Great …

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What is Disrespect, Really?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I read or hear something about a lesbian couple, and one of them “feels disrespected.” And spectators of a couple’s troubles are amazingly fast to suggest that some behavior or another is “disrespectful.” Now, what are the parameters of disrespect? What does that mean, exactly? Of …

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Dancing with different desires

A few months ago we were teaching a workshop in San Francisco. I (Ruth) dropped Michelle off with all our supplies, and then went in search of a parking place – not an easy thing to find in that city! I circled around for about 10 minutes, and several times watched people directly in front of …

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