Healing Conflict

Woman with anger

Anger Happens

You are going about your daily routines, when sometime, someone – maybe even your partner – says or does something, or doesn’t say or do what you wish she would, and your anger flares. You don’t make a conscious choice to get angry. Suddenly, it’s just there. And even if you try to cover it …

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False Assumptions About Jealousy

I (Michelle) sometimes post responses on the She Meets Her Facebook page, which is a dating site for black women. What I find so fascinating about the updates some women post is that they are so often questions that have to do with a particular underlying assumption about lesbian relationships, including when it comes to jealousy. …

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How to be helpful

When I came into the room to help by starting to fold the laundry, Cassie (not her real name, situations changed) got really angry and said that it wasn’t helpful to her at all, and that I should go away. I felt terrible for not knowing the right thing to do. This week, three different …

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