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Episode 24: Lesbian Couples in Trouble

Are you a in a lesbian couple that’s in trouble? Ready to break up? Don’t have any idea what to do? This podcast episode is for you. There are some important things to know about what you can do next to make the right decision.

Podcast Episode 23: The Choices You Can Make

During our dating and relationship process, we are always able to make choices. This episode dives into those choices, how we can be conscious about them, and communicate about them.

Episode 21: Relationships as Spiritual Practice

We like to say that we “blend psychology, science and spirituality” but we actually don’t talk a lot about spirituality. Here’s a podcast episode on relationships as spiritual practice. We hope you enjoy.

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Episode 20: Do You Have a Dating Plan?

Have you thought about your dating plan? How is it that you are going to go about meeting women? Learn about how to create your dating plan in this podcast episode!

Episode 18: What is Dating Anyway?

So what is dating for lesbians? Many lesbians have many definitions of dating, and it’s important to know what your definition is, and to articulate that to whoever you are dating. This podcast episode dives into dating definitions, dating process and dating communication. And, listen to get a prime discount for membership to our new dating …

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Episode 17: Self-Compassion

We talk a lot about self-compassion and self-love as critical skills for happy, healthy, conscious relationships. This podcast episode focuses on Self-compassion. Michelle talks about the role of self-compassion in relationships, as well as how it can improve life for the better more generally. Michelle introduces another self-compassion practice. In addition, this podcast episode includes a …

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Heart + Mind Women Online Dating

Online Dating Site Intro, and “The Art and Science of Finding Your Match”

This podcast episode includes the introduction to our new dating site (yay!) plus a recording of an old teleclass on compatibility, and what important elements of compatibility are. About Heart + Mind Women: Are you frustrated or turned off by online dating sites like Match.com or OKCupid? Or have you been uncomfortable with online dating, …

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