by river closeupThis is the Conscious Girlfriend Podcast. Periodic teleclasses and audio content for lesbians, singled and coupled.



Episode 14: How to Build Intimacy

Healing conflict can go a long way to help build intimacy in a relationship. But once you’ve learned how to navigate conflict successfully, how do you consciously build intimacy?

Episode 10: OutBeat Radio Broadcast

This podcast episode is a recording of a radio broadcast from May 1, 2016. Michelle talks about the book “Conscious Lesbian Dating and Love” and all sorts of other topics related to conscious lesbian relationships.

Episode 9: Interracial and Cross-Cultural Dating

This episode of the Conscious Girlfriend Podcast is a replay of our popular Interracial and Cross-Cultural dating teleclass that happened in April. We discussed the wide variety of issues that arise when lesbians and queer women date each other from different races, ethnicities, classes, and across other cultural divides. We hope you enjoy!

Questions about relationships

Episode 8: Your Relationship Questions

In this episode, Michelle answers your relationship questions, like “what if I get attracted to someone else? How to undo the glue after a breakup? And more!

Four horsemen of the apocalypse

Episode 7: The Four Horsemen of the (Relationship) Apocalypse

In this episode, Michelle talks about John Gottman’s “Four Horsemen” of the apocalypse for relationships, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. She also covers some research news that relates to skills and qualities of relationships, and some Conscious Girlfriend news, such as the 12-Week Roadmap class coming up. Send in your requests for the podcast at love@www.consciousgirlfriend.com.