by river closeupThis is the Conscious Girlfriend Podcast. Periodic teleclasses and audio content for lesbians, singled and coupled.



Episode 5: Conscious Dating

“Lesbians don’t know how to date.” We hear that over and over in our classes and coaching work – and in all too many cases, it seems to be true! But we’re here to help you change that.  Here are some of the issues we’ll dive into, discuss and role play:  •  How do you ask …

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woman asking if she is ready for new relationship?

How Do You Know You Are Ready for a New Relationship?

How do you know when you are ready for a new relationship? There are all sorts of factors to consider. Do you have the right skills? Are you completely over your ex(es)? Listen in on this teleclass recorded in December of last year, and find out.

Conscious Girlfriend Podcast, Episode 2: Conscious Dating and Love

Great relationships don’t happen by accident, luck or magic. Instead, they’re a direct result of the choices you make, and the actions you take. The conscious approach to dating and love can make a huge difference in your relationship life. This teleclass outlines the conscious approach.

Episode 1: Emotional Intimacy: Creating the Connection That you Want

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Conscious Girlfriend Podcast! Today’s episode is a recording from an earlier teleclass on emotional intimacy. “My partner doesn’t share things with me any more.”   “My girlfriend texts when we’re together, or makes plans with friends instead of spending time with me.”   “She says she still loves me, but …

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