Healing, Reclaiming Your Life – and Preparing to Love Again

heart in hands4A lesbian breakup might be the most painful experience of your life.

That’s because two women together can bond so deeply…

… that separating can feel as if it’s literally ripping you apart.

Maybe your breakup just happened.

Maybe it’s been weeks, months, or even years.

But whenever it was, you know you’re not over it yet.

You know you need to get over her and move on — but how?

You also know you want to love again, someday. You’re not ready yet. But you want to get ready. Not in a rushed, forced way – but in a natural, organic way that really honors your heart, helps you come to terms with the past, and prepares you for the relationship of your dreams.

If this sounds like you, the Breakup Recovery and Beyond Mentorship Program may be your path forward.

A Mentorship Program is like an intensive workshop – in which you are the only participant! This gives you the benefit of complete privacy in which to do your healing – but also gives you the advantages of in-depth support.

Although your Mentorship will be customized to meet your specific needs, here’s an example of what it may cover:

Reeling & Feeling
– “Who was she, really?” Learning to see your ex as she is, rather than through the lens of your hopes, fantasies and hurt.
– Tools for feeling your grief and anger without getting taken over by them.
– Finding truly trustworthy support (hint: it’s not always from your friends.)
– Understanding the cycles of mourning, and overcoming the sense of failure and shame.
– Accessing your core self – the part of you no one and nothing can take away.

Understanding & Healing
– “Where did I/we go wrong?” Owning your part in the heartbreak.
– Understanding and dismantling patterns of self-betrayal and denial.
– Honoring the intensity of your longing for love – and loving yourself in and through it.
– Taking self-forgiveness and self-compassion to the soul level.
– What letting go really takes – and how to get there.

Growth & Empowerment
– Recognizing your power to create your own experience.
– “Haven’t I been here before?” Understanding the spirals of grief – and of growth.
– Healing and releasing love myths and paradigms incompatible with the love you want.
– Disconnecting from the story – and reconnecting with yourself.
– Avoiding the three biggest post-heartbreak mistakes.

Re-Embracing Your Life
– “Everything will be okay in the end – and if it’s not okay yet, then it’s not yet the end.” Where does your personal journey go from here?
– Using your good memories as building blocks for your future, rather than sources of pain.
– Re-opening to love, tenderness and pleasure from other sources.
– Tools for accepting life as it is and accessing well-being and peace.
– Identifying what matters most to you – and committing to it!

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