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I am an early fan of the heart and soul of Ruth and Michelle; answers we get depend on questions we ask, these are well thought out, broad and deep approach to relationships. Very meaningful, conscious raising felt like coming home to self being plopped into a great come as you are party. Thanks to everyone, I am deeply appreciative. – Cheryl W.

So awesome to witness in history a lesbian, conscious dating support offering to our community. So exciting to be a part of this. Ruth and Michelle, YOU ROCK! –Nancy N.

“Your contribution to us as individuals and as a community is priceless. I am deeply grateful for the work you do, and the generosity of your spirit in all that you share. You are a gift to us all. Blessings always, Vera”

I absolutely love what you two are doing for our community, and I can not thank you both enough.  Keep up the great work! – Magda Santiago

Your “Did You Order the U-Haul” video is so insightful, and definitely gave me a new angle from which to view conflict resolution and closeness in my own relationships. The conscientiousness, inclusiveness and emotional honesty were so refreshing. – Sid March, Managing Editor, Lesbian.com

This is the best thing that’s ever happened in the lesbian community. – Yolanda

I watched your video thinking I was doing research for The Lesbian Conference and voila, what you were saying was for me, a lesbian who is in a very good relationship but knows it can be better! I really feel the authenticity and expertise of your words.  – Sandra Sick, Executive Director, The Lesbian Conference

I am looking forward to growing with Conscious Girlfriend and will be a big advocate for the wonderful work that you do. This world is blessed to have loving people like you two, who share your love selflessly. – Rafaella

You guys! I love this! I love your site. I just watched all your videos and read most of the site. I feel really thrilled because I’ve been floundering for a long time, and the two of you are naming the thing I want but I was feeling like I was crazy because I hadnt really seen it before… It feels incredibly validating to have found your site. It’s really difficult to find visible queer relationships that I would emulate. I feel like now I can give light to the vision I had, instead of stuffing it and belittling it. I suddenly feel like I’m back on my own journey in a wonderful new world! I can’t wait to follow along, and perhaps take your online class to get really clear and hammered out about what I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – Andrea N.

Your leadership in this sensitive area is such a boon for our community… I spent a lot of time last night looking through all a the rich material on your website.  It is a treasure trove.  I am going to send the link to several friends who are in difficult relationships. – Barbara

thank you both for the really enlightening session yesterday.  I love the work you’re doing! I am so glad I motivated myself when it was pouring rain to make the drive… I told some people about you today, and they’re very interested. – Canyon Sam

i really think you are offering something so priceless and timely, and i celebrate you both with gratitude. I’ll be meeting with my ex tomorrow and will keep your SCORE process in mind when we meet. – Colleen Nakamoto, M.S.W.

Your model of SCORE is right in line with all the latest research and effective counseling methods… I’m really excited about your work and am going to make all my queer couples watch your video as it totally supports the work I’m trying to foster. Here’s to promoting world peace – one queer relationship at a time! – Anna Benassi, MFTI

Wow ! oh WOW ! this looks really good. i have read and loved david richo’s work and have thought, yes but i am a lesbian and this relates differently to us! i am 2/3 way through the video.  i absolutely adore you guys and am grateful that i feel that you are accessible to me! i relate to BOTH of you. DAMN. thank you. – Georgia Wright

Just had a wonderful cruise through many of your SCORE blog posts … You’ve really been doing a great job with this. Your material is unique and powerful,a and actually really compatible with my own message. – Suzanne Falter, www.suzannefalter.com

I had a chance to watch your first CG video over the weekend, and really liked it — the content was strong and delivered in a way that women will find accessible. I think you are onto something exciting that our communities will really appreciate. – Dr. Amber Ault, Founder, Rollercoaster Relationship Recovery; Author, The Wise Lesbian Guide to Getting Free of Crazy-Making Relationships & Getting On With Your Life

The telesummit was excellent. I listened on and off the whole weekend; it was incredibly affirming and healing. Very rich and powerful!… I’ve been practicing Michelle’s metta ‘prayer’ and it has already been quite transformative…thank you Michelle. – Helen

You two drew me in, it speaks to me as a lesbian, I was totally engaged, I feel like I learned something.  I want to share this with others. I am excited to watch more now!  I don’t think there is anything out there like this. – Renee Nank, Ph.D.

That tele-seminar was AWESOME you two – thank you! I cried for the first 20 mins of your seminar, my broken heart is so soft and it overwhelmed me to have support – just to have two amazing loving lesbians out there to help me/us all touched me so deeply. – S.N.

I always knew there had to be a way to have lasting lesbian love – but I never knew how to find it. Thank you both – you give me hope and faith! – Dorothy Silver

I read your e-book and am so thankful you put that together and have it out for our community.  It’s very much needed… It is wonderful of you and Michelle to have created this space for us.  – Cherisma

I attended your workshop and found it to be very healing. Thanks again for the great beauty that I received from the environment that you both created. – Cynthia

You have created something very focused and effective, and it will serve a lot of people in our community. Thank you for this great work.  – Roke Noir, www.rokenoir.com, Founder & CEO, Dare To Manifest? We Do.

All that you are offering through Conscious Girlfriend could not have come into my awareness at a better time. My partner and I are looking for new ways to work through some of our most difficult issues together… and there is already much that is stirring and shifting as I open to the energy you are offering the community. – H.K.

I am very enthused about what you are doing. .. I found your materials to be very clear and affirming… I think they will have infinite ripples… I will keep following you for sure. You guys rock! – Diann Sue Bauer

Wonderful. I feel as many people expressed feeling, that Ruth and Michelle gave the community a gift with this wonderful workshop. – Susan Martin, M.F.T.

Excellent opportunity, solid dialogue, attendees engaged and interesting. Jump in if you are ready and willing! Ruth and Michelle offer a lot to help us navigate relationships… Great companions toward greater good through conscious communion. Thanks very much.  – Cheryl Woodie

Informative, thoughtful, and well presented. I look forward to more! – Jennifer Tanguay

I’ve enjoyed your videos very much….Please post more! You are both highly appealing, genuine, and easy to identify with! Your energies are positive and inspiring. Thank you so much! – Anonymous

 Thank you so much for offering your information and expertise to the lesbian community.  I have been asking the universe for something like this to help my girlfriend & me. – Lisa Bautista

Thank you for all of this amazing work! I thought the workshop was great. I appreciated the discussion of your personal experiences… the light facilitation that encouraged participants to speak…how you both worked together and had a good flow. I came away with ideas how to use the tools to explore my relationships. – Michele

Thank you both for sharing your gifts, knowledge and hearts with us. – Margaret Ann

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the True Love Teleclass. Having never heard of Conscious Girlfriend, I wanted to make sure that the teachings were on the same level as my beliefs and how I choose to live my life. And I am happy to say, we are. I was equally pleased to hear that something I wondered about was validated that “In a healthy relationship we need a balance of closeness & separateness.” See you soon, hopefully. 🙂 – Aqua

This is the only thing I’ve ever found that really shows me how to create lasting lesbian love. I am so grateful. – Jill B.

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