You can TAKE CHARGE of your relationship destiny!

You have the power to transform your love life! No one else can do it for you. But no one else can stop you, either.

Are you ready to stop feeling powerless over your love life... and ready to take charge of your relationship destiny?

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Are you coupled, and wanting to improve your relationship? Or single and wondering how to find the lasting love you really want – a love without drama, fights and heartbreak?

This course will teach you the details of the 5 essential skills for lasting relationships. These are skills you can learn to develop, and, if you are single, they are skills you should look for in a partner.

See what some of our students have to say:

"Ruth and Michelle are providing a most valuable gift..."

"to the lesbian community by sharing their hard earned knowledge and experience with us for the purpose of assisting us in creating the happy and healthy intimate relationships that will enrich our lives regardless of our current age or circumstances."

Woman thoughtful about relationship you want
Mindy R.

"Conscious Girlfriend has created a great system..."

"for healthy relationships and dating. Michelle and Ruth are not only insightful, but they are great role models for mindfulness and conscious living. The blend of their personal backgrounds, past knowledge, and current practices create a unique experience and program."

Ana Luz

Take Charge

5 Videos

30-minute conversation with Coach Michelle


Take Charge - Super Charged!

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5 Videos

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We know that what we teach can make a big difference in your life, but if you take the course, have the coaching conversation, and don't find it useful, we will refund your money.

"We are committed to teaching you the skills to find the right partner, and be the right partner.”